Understand car insurance

The car insurance consists of the following Elements:

  • Liability insurance-obligatory so that the vehicle can be redeemed.
  • Partial cover-fire-elemental damage-insurance (flood, hail, etc.) theft, glass incl. headlights, carried things, martens damage.
  • Full insurance –In a collision, the damage to your vehicle is paid  (the amount of self-participation in the damage is selectable).
  • Parking damage-damage to the parked vehicle if the polluter is not traceable.
  • Inmates – The driver and the passengers are insured for the costs of cure, daily allowance or capital in the event of disability and death (important for non-employed passengers such as children and housewives, unemployed, etc.).
  • Assistance – towing the vehicle when it is no longer operational. Accommodation costs, repatriation costs, Hotel and travel expenses for all inmates.
  • Gross negligence – No reductions if you have run over a red light or have otherwise caused a traffic violation (alcohol and drug abuse are excluded).
  • Deductible – amount which is taken over by the vehicle owner in the event of a claim.


Some insurance companies offer a service with contracted garages, whereby a smaller deductible will be charged.

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Understand car insurance in Switzerland

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