Advantages of car insurance in Switzerland

fast – easy and cheap!

Notice period 1 month – directcar does not tie customers to long running times!

  • 4 above-average service packages for a easy choice
  • Everything already included
  • Digitized, where it makes sense and saves premiums
  • Fast claims service
  • Automated web-based car insurance
  • Direct management online by the policy holder
  • Minimal application questions



  • Liability with fixed bonus without cost for bonus protection
  • Deductible CHF 0.- / driver <25 years CHF 1’000.-
  • Regress waiver in case of gross negligence
  • Guarantee amount CHF 100 million


  • Partial cover for fire, theft, elemental damages, martens
  • All glass parts insured, incl. LED and Xenon
  • No deductible
  • 100% revalutaion compensation for the first 2 years of operation
  • Fixed premium
  • Regress waiver in case of gross negligence


  • Fully comprehensive – collision and all partial damage insurance included
  • Items carried up to CHF 3’000.- insured
  • Loss of use up to CHF 1’000.- insured
  • Deductible in case of collision CHF 1’000.-


  • Parking damage, only possible in conjunction with fully comprehensive
  • Parking damage unlimited without deductible


  • Accident – occupant insurance for all inmates
  • In the event of death CHF 50’000.- per person
  • In the event of disability CHF 100’000.- per person
  • Healing costs: 5 years unlimited
  • Is optional for all packages

The Allianz car insurance offers the following advantages:

– Comprehensive service packages

– Allianz Helpbox and Crash Recorder for more security and 10% premium rebate

– Free Assistance in Europe

The AXA-Winterthur car insurance offers the following advantages:

– Drive Recorder for all under 26 with up to 25 % discount for safe driving.

– Car pick-up and drop-off service (incl. free replacemtent car) if liability insurance, hull insurance and accident insurance are concluded together.

Family discount for young drivers under 23 years/

  • Each new business will be rewarded with a discount in the form of a reduction of 3 levels, if:
    • the customer is resident with the parents

and the parents have at least 2 policies (of which at least 1 motor vehicle insurance) by AXA

Multi-policy rebate for customers aged 24 – 28 years /

  • The customer will receive the lowest bonus level if:
    • he has at least two more active policies by AXA
    • and he had at the pre-insurer max. 1 damage in the liability and the hull over the past 5 years.

The Baloise car insurance offers the following advantages:

– Depending on the product choice, reduced driver safety training including premium bonus.

– Free additional services and reduced deductible for passenger cars and delivery vans when repaired in a partner company of Baloise insurance.

The Dextra car insurance is interesting for motorists who are willing to make a performance loss, accept higher deductibles and wish a more favorable premium.

Dextra car insurance is a sister company of Dextra legal protection insurance.

3 service packages – DexCar M – DexCar L – DexCar XL

Car insurance DexCar M:

  • Liability with deductible CHF 500.-
  • Partial cover with deductible CHF 500.-
  • Collision hull with deductible CHF 2’000.-


Car insurance DexCar L:

  • Liability with deductible CHF 200.-
  • Partial cover with deductible CHF 200.-
  • Collision hull with deductible CHF 1’000.-
  • Gross negligence insured
  • Accident basis insured
  • Assistance basis insured


Car insurance Dextra XL:

  • Liability with deductible CHF 0.-
  • Partial cover with deductible CHF 0.-
  • Collision hull with deductible CHF 500.-
  • Gross negligence insured
  • Accident plus insured
  • Assistance plus insured

The Generali car insurance offers the following advantages:

– Guarantee 7: Guaranteed damage control for hull damage within 7 days.

– Partner for broken glass parts – Generali insurance gives here the deductible of CHF 200.-. Repair at home or at work.

The Helvetia car insurance offers the following advantages:

– Bonus reduction after a recognized driver safety training in the liability and collision hull.

– Holiday cover: short term collision insurance for worldwide travel possible.

– Oldtimer insurance with many advantages.

The Mobiliar car insurance offers the following advantages:

– Immediate service at break of the vehicle windows.

– Premium reduction and expense sharing after completed driving safety training.

– Discount for little drivers (<7’000km/year).

The Vaudoise car insurance offers the following advantages:

  • Cooperative profit sharing in a two-year rhythm
  • Lifelong maximum bonus (for long-term customers)
  • Damages among family members automatically insured
  • Basic value addition without age limit (20% of the new value)
  • Reduction of the diductible by CHF 100, if the repair is done in a  Partnergarage of Vaudoise
  • Parking damages without bonus charge are already included in the collision insurance
  • Tire damage / damage by car wash included free of charge
  • Comprehensive assistance services (further information can be found here)
  • Assistance free of charge, if liability, hull and inmates are insured.
  • Green tariffs for environmentally friendly cars.


The general conditions of insurance and useful information are available hier.

The Zürich car insurance offers the following advantages:

– Family bonus for young drivers up to 25 years if parents are already insured with Zürich insurance.

– Roadside assistance Switzerland included.

– More attractive hull premium with Help Point PLUS.

– Special tariff for SUV, compact- und minivans.

You can also write the type-approval certificate number, which is written in your registration document

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