It is important that such a claim is immediately reported to the police and a criminal complaint is filed against unknown. The police will examine the facts and draw up a protocol to hold the damage and to carry out any witnesses. Willful damage or vandalism damages are covered by the partial comprehensive insurance. However, the scope of insurance may vary depending on the insurance company and is limited due to a final list of causes in the partial insurance contract (most are insured: Cancellation of antennas, rear mirrors, windshield wipers and decorative fixtures, Tearing of tires, Pouring of harmful substances into the fuel or oil tank, Slitting the convertible top or painting and spraying the vehicle with paint). The exact scope of insurance can be found in the General Conditions of Insurance (GCI) of your policy.

Fully comprehensive or park insurance also pays scratching

If you complete a fully comprehensive or park insurance, for example, there would also be an unknown insurance cover for scratching the bodywork – An agreed deductible will be deducted and at best a premium downgrade will be made How your insurance cover should be designed, you can best clarify with your insurance advisor. He will determine for you an insurance cover tailored to your specific needs.

Last update on May 02, 2016 by SVV Swiss Insurance Association