When is it possible to change my vehicle insurance?

  • Buying a new vehicle
  • Changing vehicle (if you add a new vehicle to a still existent vehicle license plate)
  • Changing the holder of a vehicle (a holder replacement between members of a family with the same residence address will not be accepted)
  • After an insured claim (latest 14 days since information of the payment of the insurance company)
  • Per expiry of the insurance (please remember the notice period)

The actual law states, that already paid premiums, that have not been used, must be reimbursed to the client.

Contact and comparison of prices for your vehicle

I would like to receive a compared offer for my vehicle insurance:

You can also write the type-approval certificate number, which is written in your registration document

Change vehicle insurance – Switzerland

Hello… we set as our target, that our clients don’t receive low-price offers, but the desired offer with the best price. Also, our device is – fast, simple and cheap – In this way we can guarantee a rapid service, as easy and cheap as possible.

How do we do that?

  • Up to date, we insure many thousands of vehicles and thanks to this we have special collaboration contracts with all Swiss insurance companies, and this is what our clients can benefit from – Your broker for private insurances!
  • In no one of that offers you will have restrictions in the scope of services, as it would be like with low-price offers, where services are reduced to reach a lower price.
  • Through that collective-contracts of the insurance broker, our clients are gaining discounts – according to the different insurances – generally from about 10 – 30 % discount maintaining the whole scope of services.
  • A comparison of services is available here.


To receive the best offer please just fill out the form above and you will receive our offer as soon as possible.

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