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Better rates at Baloise insurance with multiple drivers

<H1>The Basler insurance offers better rates for the car insurance, if several drivers use the vehicle.</h1>

It is often the problem of parents when the daughter or the son passed the driving test and now in most insurance companies the additional driver must be integrated into the insurance policy. For these occasional rides then comes the tariff for „the worst risk“ to fruition. This is a lot more expensive and neither customer friendly nor fair.

For this reason, the Baloise insurance company is now using only the tariff of the most frequent driver to determine the insurance premium.

Other insurance companies such as AXA-Winterthur, for example, do not look at the driver’s license card date, but at the age of the most frequent driver.. This is especially an advantage if someone does not do the driving test at the same time as 18 years, but at the age of 25. Many students are in the situation that they cannot afford a driving test and certainly not a vehicle during their studies.

Other insurance companies offer special discounts, but usually not for all customers.

So again it makes sense to compare car insurance so that the best possible insurance premium can be achieved.


We will gladly calculate the various car insurances for you and send you the best offer:

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New car – what now? Car insurance?

Which insurances are obligatory? You can find answers to these and other questions here.

Car insurance: So you play it safe

Driving means freedom for many. Especially in Switzerland with its mountains and valleys, mobility is important. There are some questions about car insurance. We have compiled the most important answers for you..

In addition to compulsory liability insurance, there are additional offers for comprehensive insurance coverage. That drivers should know:

Which insurance is obligatory?

Motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law. Without them, no car is allowed on the street. It protects you from the financial consequences of damage caused to others with your vehicle. Personal injury and property damage are insured.

Which insurances are recommended in addition?

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car.With partial cover insurance, you are insured against financial damage caused by fire, theft, breakage of glass and vandalism.In the case of fully comprehensive, collision damage to the own vehicle is also covered, even in case of a self-inflicted accident.                                                                        The occupant accident insurance covers healing costs, pays daily allowances in case of hospitalization or incapacity for work, and pay out death and invalidity capitals.

When can I change or cancel my car insurance?

You can change your insurance if you buy a new vehicle, your insurance increases the premium, after a claim and when your contract expires.  Remember to abide by the notice period and to cancel in writing..

How is my premium calculated?

Different factors determine the amount of your premium. This includes age, sex, place of residence and brand, motorization and equipment of the vehicle. Did you know that you can calculate your individual offer for car insurance FORMULA online?

In addition to liability and comprehensive insurance, car insurance FORMULA offers even more: Free replacement car, 24-hour towing service as well as claims settlement within seven days, if you report us your damage and submit all necessary documents..

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Intentional car damage – how insured?

It is important that such a claim is immediately reported to the police and a criminal complaint is filed against unknown. The police will examine the facts and draw up a protocol to hold the damage and to carry out any witnesses. Willful damage or vandalism damages are covered by the partial comprehensive insurance. However, the scope of insurance may vary depending on the insurance company and is limited due to a final list of causes in the partial insurance contract (most are insured: Cancellation of antennas, rear mirrors, windshield wipers and decorative fixtures, Tearing of tires, Pouring of harmful substances into the fuel or oil tank, Slitting the convertible top or painting and spraying the vehicle with paint). The exact scope of insurance can be found in the General Conditions of Insurance (GCI) of your policy.

Fully comprehensive or park insurance also pays scratching

If you complete a fully comprehensive or park insurance, for example, there would also be an unknown insurance cover for scratching the bodywork – An agreed deductible will be deducted and at best a premium downgrade will be made How your insurance cover should be designed, you can best clarify with your insurance advisor. He will determine for you an insurance cover tailored to your specific needs.

Last update on May 02, 2016 by SVV Swiss Insurance Association
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Foreigners usually pay much more …

Car insurer: surcharges up to 95 percent

Car insurers charge foreigners partly massive premium supplements. Online offers for insured with the nationalities Switzerland, Italy and Albania were evaluated. This resulted in surcharges of up to 95 percent for foreigners.

Attention: Not all insurers have the same rules and tariffs. So it is worthwhile to compare your car insurance premiums especially for foreigners.

We recommend: directcar for all foreigners from the age of 25!

For all others you can order here the best offer.

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Change vehicle insurance

When is it possible to change my vehicle insurance?

  • Buying a new vehicle
  • Changing vehicle (if you add a new vehicle to a still existent vehicle license plate)
  • Changing the holder of a vehicle (a holder replacement between members of a family with the same residence address will not be accepted)
  • After an insured claim (latest 14 days since information of the payment of the insurance company)
  • Per expiry of the insurance (please remember the notice period)

The actual law states, that already paid premiums, that have not been used, must be reimbursed to the client.

Contact and comparison of prices for your vehicle

I would like to receive a compared offer for my vehicle insurance:

You can also write the type-approval certificate number, which is written in your registration document

Change vehicle insurance – Switzerland

Hello… we set as our target, that our clients don’t receive low-price offers, but the desired offer with the best price. Also, our device is – fast, simple and cheap – In this way we can guarantee a rapid service, as easy and cheap as possible.

How do we do that?

  • Up to date, we insure many thousands of vehicles and thanks to this we have special collaboration contracts with all Swiss insurance companies, and this is what our clients can benefit from – Your broker for private insurances!
  • In no one of that offers you will have restrictions in the scope of services, as it would be like with low-price offers, where services are reduced to reach a lower price.
  • Through that collective-contracts of the insurance broker, our clients are gaining discounts – according to the different insurances – generally from about 10 – 30 % discount maintaining the whole scope of services.
  • A comparison of services is available here.


To receive the best offer please just fill out the form above and you will receive our offer as soon as possible.

NEW: With directcar insurance by versicherungs-broker we have a new online car-insurance that saves premiums, where it makes sense. With that you will benefit from cheap premiums, without renouncing the services.

For vehicle fleets from 5 vehicles we offer extra discounts and services…

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