<H1>The Basler insurance offers better rates for the car insurance, if several drivers use the vehicle.</h1>

It is often the problem of parents when the daughter or the son passed the driving test and now in most insurance companies the additional driver must be integrated into the insurance policy. For these occasional rides then comes the tariff for „the worst risk“ to fruition. This is a lot more expensive and neither customer friendly nor fair.

For this reason, the Baloise insurance company is now using only the tariff of the most frequent driver to determine the insurance premium.

Other insurance companies such as AXA-Winterthur, for example, do not look at the driver’s license card date, but at the age of the most frequent driver.. This is especially an advantage if someone does not do the driving test at the same time as 18 years, but at the age of 25. Many students are in the situation that they cannot afford a driving test and certainly not a vehicle during their studies.

Other insurance companies offer special discounts, but usually not for all customers.

So again it makes sense to compare car insurance so that the best possible insurance premium can be achieved.


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